Thursday, April 22, 2010

umbrella under the sun

It's d-day again.
Decision day.
I think that is why I have been so slumzy.
Slumzy gave me these baggy eyes.
Isn't he generous.
I thought perhaps Miss Mary kay could fix me,
so I spend a small fortune yesterday on face
fixing stuff.
But the wrinkles are still there and so is slumzy.

The thing about life changing decisions
is that they...change your life. 
Everything that is familiar,
comfortable and safe, suddenly becomes
foreign and frightening.  
But I have to admit the foreign has always 
intrigued  and teased me.
I love the smell of new city's and towns
alike, I love to walk slowly up and down
unfamiliar paths, and people watch.

Different cultures bring out the curiosity in
me, and I like my curious mind, because
it reminds me I am Alive.

I just don't think Mr. Garrett or myself
were made for a safe life.
And it seems my children didn't fall
to far from the cherry tree.

They were elated when we purposed
this new opportunity to them.  I think
Heavenly father must have been listening
when I prayed for them.
Prayer is a funny thing. This decision that
is so life changing hangs on the threads of his 
We have both felt this is God's will for us,
but on paper it is absurd! 
There is simply no way we would make
a decision like this if we hadn't felt prompted.

But so many miracles  have to line up,

in order for us to follow through.
I wish I could spill it out.  But Garrett wants
to wait until the miracles come to pass. 
Meanwhile, I will open my umbrella under
a drouted sky and wait for the rain.


  1. Wow, did I need that today! I too will keep my umbrella open under our cloudless sky and wait patiently for the promised rain.

  2. yay yay.. i'll prayer for raining of blessings coming your way! :)

  3. i'm with ya! maybe you should call the meyer's and talk with them a little?!