Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My new word of the day:
sleepy,slummy, crazy, clumsy, lazy.

Slumzy should never be welcome in your head,
because once he gets in...all your drive
is get stuck in first gear with your 
breaks on. I will get rid of him.
I hope.
I'm going to put on my running shoes.
I'm going to make that pie I have been craving.
I'm going to organize my bedroom...closet and all.
I'm going to play cars with Henry until my knees ache.

Meanwhile, slumzy and me are going to 
read a good book.


  1. slumzy is a PERFECT word.

    too bad i feel like this OFTEN.

    where does the drive go? seriously? i'm lacking.

  2. Slumzy visits me often too. What good book are you reading?

  3. Love it. We're doing slumzy at our house today too. It's 12:21 and I just got out of the shower. The house is a disaster, and I'm just sitting on my hiney reading your blog and glad to be doing it! I'm so glad you had some heavenly weather days and got to spend time with Dad. He is one in a million - just like you! Love you sis