Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I question everything.
I even question answers to questions.  

When is enough enough?
When is it too much?
or too little?

When to speak?  When to listen?
When to share...and
When to keep my trap shut?

When should I rest?
When should I run?
What is your plan for me?
and How am I doing?
Are you exhausted yet?

I guess we all wonder.  
We had a lesson in relief society last
week on Prayer.  
We all shared stories about different
answers we had been given.
But what about the prayers that aren't 
answered at all?
No yes and no no?
Then which way do you go?  
(crazy).  It's a geographical location;
I tell you.
Crazy...google it, you will find a map
to my brain.


  1. We must be related!! I've had questions today that I wished I didn't have...but I know we'll all find the answers someday. I try to tell myself it is good to question everything so I will have a testimony of it and be able to move forward with conviction, but you're right: When the answers aren't coming, the questions can tend to drive us about insane. It's when we have to plead with our brains to shut off and leave us alone. It's when I crave chocolate the most! If you have any on hand, I HIGHLY recommend it!! You are in my heart always. I wish I was there to take you out for a hot fudge brownie sundae!

  2. amen. {that's i can muster out tonight.}

  3. I googled "crazy" - there was not a road map to your brain! :) Your questioning mind is what writes such beautiful things for all of us to read. Hope you find the answers you are seeking, or the peace to wait until they come eventually.