Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Perfect Perfect weekend

The  weather man says there are only about a half dozen "perfect" days.
I think I just had three of them.
The sun and the moon and the atmosphere just lined up and
decided to give me a real perfect weekend.
who says the world doesn't revolve around me?
Thank you sky and sun and blossoms bursting on my tree.
Here are some pics that pa pa took of us playing base ball,
after he cooked us an amazing meal!
Sorry ladies, still not available.

We played ba ball (Henry's term).
Ran in the grass till our feet were green.
Layed in the grass and watched the clouds go by.
Laughed, loved and lived every moment to its full measure.
I made up a new word Familiness.
Meaning:  Whenever or wherever you feel the joy of
those closet to you...celebrating life and all the good stuff in it...
that is Familiness...
And thus....the Perfect day.
Rain or shine.


  1. That sounds like so much fun and it really is great being with family and feeling that "familiness." I love the pics and you are quite the pitcher:-)

  2. you deserve a PERFECT weekend and many more, it's amazing what the sun can do for you!