Monday, April 26, 2010

I love weekends.  I love the way they wrap around me, engage me and renew me.  Spending time with my family, is my life line in so many ways.  
Here are some highlights:
Hiking and fishing with grandpa Glenn.  If you knew him, you would love him.  Everyone that knows Glenn loves him...How can you not love that kind, handsome face?
He is everything outdoors, so now and then we get to tag along.  I love seeing nature through his eyes.
My little troopers, I love seeing nature through their eyes too.  They are magic I tell you, simply magic.

Savannah caught a fish, that landed in Henry's lap, what a picture that would be if I was there.  I think I was busy contemplating life by the spring.

I do that a lot, contemplate life.  How could you not by this mossy spring?

God must have had a great painting set, I'm going to have to get me one, 
but, oh shucks...I don't paint.  Sure wish I could on days like this.

So I painted a picture in my heart instead.

Sunday was a beautiful, lazy day, Mr. Garrett and I laid in bed all afternoon...just talking.
Then we went to the park, but I was so worn out from all that napping, I fell asleep:)
Make sure you check out the video on the post below, it is pretty cool.
What did you do this weekend?


  1. River is so tall in that bottom picture! And I love contemplating my life and life in general by beautiful places. I love nature and with all the business and buildings coming along everywhere, it's so nice to go into the mountains or the forest and see the real beauty that earth has to offer. No shopping malls, no freeways, just natural springs, wildlife and moss. Real moss.

  2. heading off to utah now! call you later this week!
    that is so beautiful, where is that??!!

  3. Holly,
    After reading your blog, I had to share my feelings.
    Your words have stirred my heart.
    Oh how the memories fall over me,
    My best friend in all the world.
    She was the best, I was the sister she never had. She my sister, more than blood. We shared everything.
    How I miss our talks, our plans, our sorrows, our problems, our solutions, our lunches, ed week.
    I miss catching up on all the info--her bothers, their wives, her children, her grandchildren. Where are they? How are they doing? No day to day events, no problems at hand to wait and watch them play out and workout.
    Those were days when we could talk forever, laugh and cry.
    We knew we were going to figure it all out and find the truth to all things. It was always going to be greater and better one day.
    My heart is full of great times--now gone, my memories remind me of much I have lost when she left and how much I miss my dearest friend.
    It is good to open up our hearts and remember, but thankful to get busy and not remember the loss.
    You have such gifts to give—your mother always new it!!
    Thanks for all your beautiful words.
    Please Don’t forget me.

    Love, Becky Kimber

  4. I love that song! And I'm so glad you got to get out in nature too this weekend! Love you Holl. Keep sharing ;)

  5. Hi Holly, that "Devon" comment was me. I forgot to sign him out :). Thanks for reading my long piano ESSAY, but I was so glad Dad took the time to tell me its story! You are in my heart and in my prayers, and I pray that the miracles you are hoping for will all shortly come to pass. Love you tons