Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crazy cures for madness and other things that try to kill me:)

1. When I lack personal power and courage:
I watch John Wayne movies, just watching 
his stoic swagger makes me feel tougher:)
Warning:a sudden urge to buy ropers
and wranglers may follow.

2. When I feel restless anxiety:
Luciano Pavarotti: How could you not
be captivated by such beauty?  Even if you
don't like opera, play him as 
loud as you can,   and 
cook something Italian...with lots of basil of
course...I bet you'll be singing your heart out:)

3. For the blues:
lavender oil+ hot bath + chick flick 

4. Disobedient hormones:
A good bundle of duct tape over the mouth,
is very useful, not practical...but sure saves
loose words from slipping.
Okay, I don't really use duct tape...but I do
lock myself in my closet on occasion:

5. Disobedient children:
Let's just say duct tape is very versatile:)

6. Loss of humor:
I go down to the basement and dance my heart
out to the bjees....(I really do)
I highly recommend it!  Just don't
let the neighborhood kids catch you...
it will humiliate your children...
don't ask me how I know:)

6. A sad sick little (or not so little) boy.
(sigh)  luvs and lavender... and major doses
of prayer.

We went to Primary children's today.
More tests.
No answers.
Love you all:)
What are your crazy cures?


  1. Thanks for the laughs Holly! You are so creatively coooool :) Love your cures. I am too tired to even think if I have any, so I guess I don't have anything life changing to offer! I'm sorry Riv is still not up to par! You are probably so exhausted. I love you!

  2. DP! and chocolate! cures all!! (proud of you for kicking caffeine though)
    OK holly, i have called you and texted and emailed but have not heard back, i am coming to you on Mon. you can kick me out after a day or so but if you want details email me back.
    sorry about river, hang in there,
    love you

  3. I can see you dancing your heart out downstairs...and I couldn't agree with you more because I do too! I just hope the neighbors haven't been watching. My son is too young to be embarrassed by me so he just smiles and laughs.

    When I'm having a really bad day and I'm out and about, I treat myself to some Mexican Hot Chocolate because for some reason it warms my insides and melts away all those bad feelings. A hot bowl of pho also does the same thing.

    When I'm overwhelmed with low self-esteem and a negative outlook on my body, I straighten my hair and get ready for the day...even if I'm not going anywhere. It's amazing how having manageable hair can make you feel so pretty.

    I'll pray for River and you and your family. I love you!

  4. loove luciano pavarotti! his music gives me chills!