Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ooh what a knight

Dear Garrett~
So it's your birthday, the sixteenth birthday we have
shared together.
Do you remember that day on the cape when you
purposed to me?  We climbed up some tall rocks
along the Boston shore , and planned out our life
together.  Remember how we were going to
juice fruit and read the scriptures and
the paper after our morning run  Every day!!!:))))))
And how we were going to sail the world with our
kids in tow? Oh I love dreaming with you.
You always treat dreams like a possibility, not
a distant idea.  I love that about you.

Because of your zest for living, I have experienced many
adventures,  you have taught me so much about living
in the moment and holding joy in your pocket as long
as you can.

Do you remember this picture?  It was the day
we found out we were pregnant with River.
You looked up at the sky and said "sky is blue
must be a boy:) 
Then you spent 8 months wondering if
Aliens had taken over my body.
I love to watch you play with our children, every night
they know you will come home and play with them...
and for that matter all the kids on the block want to 
play with you too.
I always giggle when yet another neighborhood child
knocks on the door to see if uncle Garrett can play!

And you do love to play~

I love seeing the world through your eyes.
I miss adventuring with you, I miss you period.
I miss our pillow talks, we have let the cares of this
world fatigue us to the point of exhaustion and 
I don't  want to do that anymore,  No more eyes more "maybe tomorrow".
Today, I choose you today.

Thank you for loving me when I am not myself.
Thank you for understanding my silence, for feeling
my words instead of questioning them.
Sometimes I look at you amongst the noise
and beautiful chaos of life, and I want to freeze the
world, so we can take a vacation in each others eyes.

But then I remember I don't have super powers, and 
we loose each other to the noise.
Sometimes I wonder if you know how much I need
you.  Over the years of schooling and residency, I 
learned to be independent.  But today I hope
my venerability gives me away, because I need you.

Do you remember that night we sat on the haystack?
We talked of love and loyalty and the possibility of
"us" forever.  Then you pulled out a silver knight
in shining armor figurine... and you promised me
you would always be my knight.

Your white horse turned into a white minivan, but you 
are still my knight.  I tell you to buy a truck, you say
you want to save up the money first.
I say that is chivalry at it's finest.
I love the way you trade in your pride for principal.

I love you.  I love everything about you.  I am going
to celebrate you this week, there is more to come.
I heart you....


  1. gosh you guys are an awesome couple!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF COOLEST GUYS EVER! Hope you had a great day.

  3. I love your line about chivalry, Holly. You're exactly right; that's a REAL man. Happy Birthday, Garrett!

  4. happy birthday! what fun pictures, especially the one with jon on the napali coast!
    see you soon!

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your husband. He is an awesome guy.

  6. Holly,
    I am sooooo happy that you two have each other. You are two of the greatest people I know. I love you both very much. Garrett is a Gem and is very lucky to have you. It warms my heart to see you value having him in your life and not taking that love for granted.
    Happy Birthday Garrett!!!!
    Nikki, Jon and kids ........