Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Walk in the woods~

Took a bit of hike yesterday,
    It was lovely....................

But don't let the pictures fool you...
it's been a tough week.
We are spending tuesday at primary children's
with River,  we are praying for help...
will you?

He say's this is getting old.
I couldn't agree more.
Motherhood is such a balancing act.
 I feel like I have dropped all 
of my balls~
Wish I could be so much more...
so does my family.
If I spend to much time and attention on River,
the rest of the bunch feels bad.
Everyone is suddenly getting "sick" for
mom's attention.

 I try to equalize my attention to all of 
my beautiful children,
but it is never enough,
and River really likes me glued to his hip.
I don't blame him.
It's bunk to be sick...but even
bunker to be sick and alone.

So to my beautiful family...
Sorry I am a bit distracted these days.
I've gone for a walk in the woods
of life
crazy crazy life.

Perhaps I will bump into
 a certain vampire. 


  1. Poor River. I'll keep him my prayers.

    I hope you do bump into a certain vampire! ;)

  2. i got to go to women's conference at BYUH today, i WISH you could have been at the first class. your worth!
    God loves you because you are of inherant worth, just because you are his he loves you not because you are super mom or because of all you accomplish in your day. you are a good mom and doing the best you can to survive through this. i will bring my notes to utah. i need to call you tommorow and make plans, it is coming in a week! good luck to river!

  3. All our best to River! He'll get through it with his tough mama.

  4. I am praying for River and for your family. Love ya.Cheryl