Monday, June 21, 2010

It was the Doc's birthday Friday.  And I would absolutely
call it a perfect weekend.  (beside a horrible kidney infection).
But then again, I watch John Wayne... what would John do?
He would keep on walking...He walked away from his
enemy with 3 bullets  in is back in The can I.

Oh wait...that was a movie:)  Wouldn't it be great to write a
book call John Wayne uncovered:)

Okay back on the horse.
Garrett wanted to Hike Timp, my all time favorite
We walked and talked...uninterrupted for the first time in
at least months.  

We made some lame attempts at getting pics together.

Can I just tell you what this mountain means to me?

The memories I hold dear here.
Spending the entire day with patients...
no kids...absolutely no one to distract us
from each other.
There was this moment, a shared moment of
wow...I really like you...I've missed you....let's
laugh more together~
So we opted to go to the store for crab legs to 
cook our own little magic meal...I will post that
fun moment later.
For now...I love you babe...always will.

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  1. I'm so glad you got away Holly!! The pictures are beautiful; I love romantic hikes! As far as kidney infections go, I've had one on and off for a few weeks. Dreadful!! This sounds disgusting, but it really worked. Try drinking 1/2 teaspoon baking soda mixed with 1 cup cranberry juice in a tall glass with ice. It will fizz some, so give it some room to grow! Anyway, it spelled relief for me :) Love you tons. Hope River is getting some help and answers at Primary Children's!!