Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Besties, Bond and Blondes

One of my besties came from Hawaii last week,
and stayed with me and the family.
She brought along my niece and nephew 
not by blood
by bond I say:)
kaleb and Kai
River thinks Kaleb is the greatest,
calls him Shag
As for kai
My girls think she is the most beautiful creation made.
She is in love.
Oh I love young love.
She is getting married to Scotty.
I don't know you yet Scotty,
but I will beat the $%#@^%%^
out of you if you ever hurt her.
But you won't
I can tell by your pictures:)
We took them to our secret place.
The place through the willows and
the reeds.  I always feel a little James Bondish
when I am there.
We had a lovely picnic on the dock.
and watched a little of this:
and this:

and a lot of this:
Mr. Bond himself
with his beautiful mistress

Nikki...Kelly B.
See what you are missing?
Come...let me feed you grapes, while
the wind flows through your hair
(and the knats)
Come come I say
Hawaii is SO overrated
and we could use a little Ohana:)
Nice pics Kelly.
Miss you already.


  1. Funny girl, Holly! I totally thought of James Bond when I saw that picture, also! Looks like so much fun!

  2. we had such an awesome time i can't believe i haven't done it before (for more than one night). you can expect me as a regular guest now! thanks heaps. miss you tons!! hope everyone is better!

  3. I LOVE the pictures and the fact that you have a secret place and you feel James Bond-ish. Everyone should feel that way sometimes:-) I miss our Hawaii Ohana too and I wish we could all get together often and see each other often!

  4. Look at you and your boat. Very bond indeed.

  5. yes, the rest of your black pearl sisters are in deed missing out! your secret place looks amazing...what a place to be able to get away from the "world" and relax with the simple pleasures of family, friends, laughter, and nature ;-)