Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mud lake and Birthday cake

Somewhere in the outer banks of Utah Lake
nestled carefully between the tall grass and the giant
willow reeds, is our secret place,
the place we can run and hide when life gets
a bit much.
It is our secret place, our little "island".

It's a floating, private dock... used only by members
of the utah waterski association.
Every chance we get, we pack a big picinic
and head for our island.  The kids jump
of the dock, swim through the reeds, kyak
and learn to waterski.
I love a cozy chair and a good book,
I love kyaking through the reeds and counting
the many birds that provide our background music.
there has to be over 100 different species,
I especially love the pelicans.
I also love a good mud bath now and then.
And Garrett
He is usually with his mistress.

Just in case you didn't know Garrett's mistress let me
introduce you:
Meet Keith.
Keith has been Garrett's trainer and closest friend for
twenty + years.  He is everything the smile on his
face reveals.  It is because of his dedication and hard
work, that there is a floating dock and a training coarse
for all of the want to be profesional skiers.

He is also 7th in the nation in his age division.
So since Keith and I have to share the love,
we planned a little surprise party for Garrett's birthday:)
This year keith has a house boat on the lake.
Perfect place for a party.
The plan:
All of our friends and family were picked up by keith
at one dock.  And our family put in at another dock.
I must say the timing was pretty insane!
But we did it!  He was very suprised and I think he
was just a bit delighted to know how loved he was.
So here are some pics of our party:
(better view of mud Lake)
I really want to rename it...keith thinks the name
keeps away other boaters... but if it were up to me I 
would call it something more romantic:)
Like Wanita or something:)
Grandpa & River
Keith and Garrett's sisters.
He told them they needed more ugly pills:)
The man of the hour
My adorable niece
Garrett's sister and hubby 
what a handsome couple they make
My sister Jodi and daughter Mkenzie
Thanks for the yummy cake
Garret and his dad
He is such a great man.
There were many more friends and family that
didn't make it on my camera, but my dad took
some great pics of Garrett skiing the coarse,
I will post when I get them.

This year I wanted to celebrate Garrett big time,
because of the person he is, the person he has become,
and for taking such good care of me.
Every year I fall in love with him more.
nothing like a man in a wet suit:)

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