Friday, June 18, 2010

lessons from the ferris wheel

I can't imagine a world without this smile.  
What a sad world it would be.
Last night I had a date with my girls.
It's strawberry day's here in my little
neck of the woods.

I thought I would really splurge
and buy each of them 10 tickets.
First stop:
The ferris wheel of course.
We hopped on and handed the
not so nice man 1 ticket.  He
"No mam this is a four ticket
So I hand him three more tickets.
"No mam it is a four ticket ride
per person"
Me in my holy tilido voice...
"excuse me?"
"Now mam people are waiting"
I look at Malia and tell her to
enjoy this ride, because I just
paid eight dollars for it.

And then the wheel cranked
and whooshed and flashed
it's brilliant lights.

And Malia smiled.
I would've taken out a second
mortgage for that smile.

I love you Malia.
May we have many more
ferris wheel moments together.

1 comment:

  1. carnivals are such a rip off but kids love them so much, i still remember getting so excited for "ballwin days" our town's fair, it was so fun!
    i am leaving tom. let me know if you need anything. i will call you sunday.