Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Somewhere between River's hospitalization,
rebuilding a flooded home
We finally came to a decision
(for now)
(Malia and Henry found their throne
after searching for a place to sit:)
The reconstruction has been in sane

After months of grueling 
back and forth
round and round
yes yes yes
 no no no

It was simple
Just one quite minute
laying in the bed with River,
after family and family
and more family had come
to celebrate him, to encourage him,
and to comfort him

An overwhelming feeling washed
over me...
And several thousands of miles
that same feeling washed over

Not now
You need your big family
and they need you
But there will be a time
someday, somehow,
 we will know more

For now we will celebrate
whatever time we have left
with our great big fat
Mormon Family:)

Henry's Birthday:

There's no place like home~


  1. Good decision! If it's right, it will happen at the right time! ;)

  2. Makes sense. Glad you finally have a decision that feels right! Take care of yourselves!

  3. i am glad you feel good about your decision. how is river? need to call you!

  4. Answers do come .... Faith in God includes faith in his timing.
    I love you....

  5. I think that's a great decision. You cannot beat being around a huge, loving family.

  6. It is wonderful when we finally come to a decision. I think your decision to stay around family is a wonderful one.