Sunday, October 23, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighbor hood

These are pictures, from the walk about Henry and I 
took this week.  
I grabbed my black coat, hat, and jacky pack,
Henry took his new spider man bike.
We started off with Amanda.
My neighbor who has been there
through the thick and thin of
my life since the day we moved in.
Her husband Kirk is usually by her side
doing what he can to help out.
He is currently helping River get his eagle.
This is my friend Heather,
who just happened to be out with
her son xander..
is Henry's best buddy.                                                                                
This is My friend kari with Amanda.
I was beginning to feel pretty blessed to see 
so many Friends out and about on this
beautiful day...
This is Marci's house.
Uber creative that girl.
She is even creative in the way she serves me,
She has brought me a tea maker with
dozens of my favorite flavor teas,
dumb dumb suckers, my favorites lavender
lotions....she even took the time to cut
out the seeds in cucumbers so I could eat them...
the list goes on with Marci...she has a gift for 
knowing just what and just when.
love that girl.

This is my friend Dana's house.
I love the way she celebrates.

As we walked Henry would stop for a bug
here and a worm there.
I love my stinky bug loving boy

This is my friend Julie.
She came to the hospital and did my hair,
and waxed my brows and my embarrassing
mustache that I inherited from my grandma.

Julie was on her way to do another friends hair,
Wanda.  Wanda is one tuff woman. she  
was in a bad car accident, and hasn't been able to walk
since she was 16 years old.
She had a back surgery...
one she should have had years ago.
I am telling you this women is amazing.
All women are amazing.
I wish I had a picture of all the incredible women
in my life....
Like Ruth,  my visiting teacher,
who has made sure that I didn't have to do this alone,
that my family was fed, and loved.
Thank you.
Thank you my friends.

I decided to hop in the car with Julie, and 
my other friend Stephanie,
who were going to do
 Wanda's hair.
I'm telling you....
My neighborhood is the bomb.

I am tired today,
and I simply don't know how to write all that is 
in my heart. But my heart is full of gratitude
for the amazing kindhearted people
I have in my life.

I am so grateful I didn't have to do this alone.
Your are God's hands.
All of you.


  1. What a beautiful day it is! And you are out! I'm so glad to see this, I love you so much.

  2. is this before or after the hospital? fall is beautiful!!

  3. way before. This was tuesday...I am trying to catch up!