Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our magic Garden

Our Magic Garden...

Last night,
We lit up a dozen or so candles,
and put them in the pumpkin patch...
in our Garden...
our magic Garden,
(magic because it can grow pumpkins with all the weeds in it).
But also magic because we
planted it in granny's name
the spring after she died.

Savannah grabbed some blankets,
Daddy grabbed some chairs,
I grabbed my black coat and
 my witch hat 
with Jacky pack in tow...

 When I glanced in the mirror I thought
that perhaps I should have been a ghost,
because my pale face and dark circles,
are enough to scare something fierce...
But wow...Isn't she beautiful.
Inside and out that one.

Then we stood in a sort of circle
and picked numbers,
Malia got the first turn...
But we put a spin on our picking tradition this year,
Before picking it from the vine,
we had to name one bad habit that we
would "spook" out of our lives this year.
Malia's was spelling,
Garrett wanted to spook away my pancrease
and I am going to spook away my
diet coke...

Henry just wanted to spook his pumpkin.
When he found the perfect one,
he curled up in my arms,
and together with Aunty Shellie,
grandma kathy and grandpa Glenn,
we quietly watched the candles burn.

And with every flicker of light,
I Thanked God for my garden,
my home and my family.

Then I silently prayed for more 
faith.  More meekness and more
But I must say that 
Today was a great day...
I held some apple sauce down!!!


  1. You are such a beautiful person Holly! I pray you will get better soon! Thank you for sharing your journey so we all can be inspired by you! Bless you! Rosalie McOmber

  2. What a fun night! Not the stitches part, of course. I was at the temple today, Holly, and I added your name to the list. You're very brave; I'm praying for you!

  3. What is up with the BPs?! Hope river is ok. Glad you got to have a little fun!

  4. That sounds so awesome! I love this tradition, and I'm so glad you were able to go outside and enjoy it with your family:-) I'm sorry about River, but glad he's okay!