Sunday, October 23, 2011

Love in Action

This is my new organized basement:)

It was going to be the perfect weekend.
The boys were off to the deer hunt,
and Shellie my big sister was coming to
help me organize my basement for the weekend.

But my body had other plans.
My colon is not being to kind
to the food I am finally able to eat.
and I am beyond anemic because
for what ever reason my body is not 
absorbing iron.

So after a night in the E.R
I came home and slept for 2 days.
I woke up to the above picture.

My devoted sister did it all on her own.
And she didn't stop there.
She and Ed did all the handy man work
I have needed done for so long,
without asking.
She fed my children, organized my
laundry room, Took the kids out
on little dates.

Every time Shellie comes to my house
she leaves it better than she found it,
She made these  curtains:

She decorated for Halloween
organized my coat closet,
and for the past two years she has put 
up my Christmas decorations with me.

I have written three posts tonight,
because I so urgently want to share
all of the tender mercies
my family and friend have 
shown me.
(And I haven't even started Thanking kathy)
God bless them.
Everyone of them.

I am having a procedure tomorrow 
at the huntsman center,
and to be honest, I am kind of scared,
I am actually feeling all kinds of anxiety 
in side about...well everything,
especially my kids, .....

I guess to be quiet honest,
I have this fear that I am going 
to burn everyone out.  
But time after time...
just when I think I am going to
have to make the last few miles 
on my own.

You step up and show me that you
are there.  I love you all for that.

Thank you for being their for my kids,
they have been so loved.


  1. Wow, what an awesome sister! I'm jealous of that amazing basement!

    What kind of procedure are you having done today? I'll be thinking of you. Hang in there, kid!

  2. so grateful for your tender mercies! it makes us feel less guilty for not being there:)
    what an awesome sister you have!!!

  3. Wow, that is so amazing:-) Your sister is so wonderful, and it helps that she has a grateful and beautiful sister who is so appreciative. The curtains look amazing! Good luck on the procedure Aunty Holly, you will be in our prayers and hearts!