Monday, October 24, 2011

Good News~

I took this picture of my favorite Doc
 when he was changing
my T.P.N feeding tube.

I love this  picture of my Doc.
It shows his tender heart.
and steady eyes.

He talks with his eyebrows a lot.
Right now his eyebrows are telling me to
put my camera down and focus
on cleaning my other tube.

But we were watching M*A*S*H
at the time, and Clinger comes out
in one of his desperate attempts at A-walling it.
(Red dress with lacy hat and a matching purse)
And Garrett's serious Dr. brows 
change to his silly brows.
I like his silly brows.

But today for the first time in 7 weeks,
his beautiful brows lost their worry...

After a day spent at the Huntsman center,
and weeks of labs, labs and more labs.
I have been declared
CANCER free.
and my pancreas has now healed,
to a point that I can eat!
In fact for the first time all my labs
look beautiful!!!!

There is still a few bumps ahead,
like convincing my colon that I really 
am well enough to eat  more than baby food
and getting...
my iron levels back to a place
where I can stand vertical long enough
to shower.

But it is coming!
Which at one point, I wasn't sure if it would!
Thank you my Father in Heaven,
Thank you all of you....
who were there for me!

And to you...
My beautiful browed man,
thank you for standing beside me,
or should I say Kneeling beside me,
all of this time...
I love you to the moon.
to the moon~


  1. AUNTY HOLLY THAT IS WONDERFUL, AWESOME, GREAT NEWS!! I'm so happy for you and your family, as well as all your friends (including me) because we get to enjoy you for much longer. I am overjoyed that the lab tests were good, but mostly that everything is going to be okay with you. I love you mucho! Your husband is such a wonderful man as well:-) I love the last picture.

  2. we knew you didn't have cancer! glad you can be at peace with it though! so happy that things are healing and the rest wil just take time! you are garrett are made for each other! wish i could give you a great big hug!!!! love you and keep getting stronger!!

  3. I am so glad you knew....I guess I haven't told you everything:)
    Hurray for Happy days!