Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grandma's house

Every Fall,
we love to pick fruit off of grandpa's fruit trees.
I love everything about this tradition.
The sticky fingers, the sour bites,
and rusty ladders...

But mostly, I love to swing on their hammock...
Never... Ever have I found a place in this world,
that could hold a candle,
to the upside down view of the most beautiful
walnut trees I've ever seen.

If you catch a ride just before sunset...
during the golden hour.
you will see millions of particles of light
spilling between the green
and filtering it like a gift made just for you.
If I have any say in what my heaven would look like,
it would defiantly have a hammock.

Come to think of it...
I think heaven feels a lot like their back yard,
With echoes of laughter, and love,
and memories good and bad are exchanged
for savoring the moment...
right here...right now.

If the scripture that claims
By their fruits ye shall know them...
is true...
Then that's all I have to say about these
two amazing people.
Because they sure have a lot of good fruit.
And they share it.

How blessed are my children
to have a grandpa and grandma,
who will always be there for them,
through thick and thin,
sweet or sour.

I love the way I feel around them...
It is a feeling that reminds me I am safe,
because I am loved
good days or bad.
Shadowed or shining.
And this is why my children love to
be at grandma and grandpa's house...
pure. simple. consistant
Thank you for the constant love

Thank you.  Thank you.
All of you.
Today I ate some apple sauce!

1 comment:

  1. you have some of the most peaceful places to call home!
    so glad you can get out and enjoy it! and yeah for applesauce, you'll never want to see applesauce again!