Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seagull support~

Today was rough.
So very rough.
I even turned down company, and I never turn down company.

I wanted so badly for it to be a good day, because my dad is in town
and taking care of me.

I figure he has seen his share of suffering, So my plan was
to take lots of fall walks with him. 
Just me and him and my Jackypack.

But there was no game face today, just a lot of tears. 
I now have an upper respiratory infection, which is not getting along
so well with my already weakened body. 

I let my self go to that place today.  
That "I want to go home place"  and it scared both me and my dad. 
He gets a weird face when he is scared, and I think he is mad at me for loosing my fight,
so I cry more and ask him if he is mad at me.

He breaks down too, wipes the tears from his eyes and says....
"Oh Holly...I am a Segull supporter....all I do is fly in,  flap my wings around, shit all over the place, and leave."

Gave me a belly laugh good enough to get my fight back...Same with Garrett,
I told him as he was trying to hear my lungs....he laughed till he cried.
The good cry.

I got my game back on dad...  I love you my Segull man.  
Thanks for going the distance with me.  


  1. You are a fighter and soon you will have those walks with your dad. Hang in there. I love you!

  2. That sounds like your dad. Now, forget about the "shit" for a minute. Think of how crap, is the fertilizer of life. Yes, you may be right in the thick of it, but think of the beautiful flowers that will come from it later.

    Love you lady. Keep on keepin' on.

  3. Holly, I have been heartbroken ever since Kris brought me kind of up to speed. Wasn't it just yesterday you and I were catching up in the supermarket about how much had changed this past year? Sometimes I don't "get" life. I don't understand our challenges, our trials, and especially why some of the people I most respect and admire have to go through such difficult ones. I know there is nothing I can do or say that will change anything, but I want you to know I admire you so much. I always have. You have such an incredible spirit about you. You've always been so laid back, so easy to talk with, so loving and giving, and you've never let the minutia get in the way. You focus on what's important, what's true and right, and the other stuff...has just been stuff. My heart is with you. I pray for you every night. I want you to heal and not give up. I know HF might need you (and it is HIS will), but we need you too. Love you. More than you know.

  4. I love you Aunty Holly, and I know you are so strong and have so much fight in you. It brings me to tears knowing you are suffering like this and I will continue to pray for you everyday. I don't know your dad, but I love him already and I'm so glad he is there to help care for you and reassure you that things can get better. Just know that there are so much people who love you and want the best for you!!