Thursday, May 6, 2010

And the rains came down...

Carpets soaked, drywall caved, baseboards peeling,
dryers drying..smell is dying.
Upstairs toilet flowed over and over and over.
Good friend just lost her baby (7 months).
Let the floods come down.
Tender mercies come in all shapes and sizes, I'll
get new carpet.
And I will pray and pray that my friend 
will have many tender mercies and miracles
come her way.
Life is so very precious.  Fragile, but precious
A sweet little bluebird just perched on my porch.
I hope you all get a bluebird today.


  1. Oh Holly, I am so, so, sorry! I know the flood horror feelings too well. I'm really so, so sorry!! I so wish I was there to help!! I will also pray for your much heartache. I wish I wasn't so far away...Love you and good luck with the cleaning and drying up....yuck.

  2. I'm sorry for your flood of emotions. water. and loss of a dear friend's child. I hope good things are coming your way sweet girl! ;)

  3. so sorry your friend lost her baby, we know that is the toughest thing ever!
    i had the exact thing happen with our upstairs toilet- at night while we were sleeping and filled the downstairs with water along with the ceiling and upstairs carpet! ugghh! wish i could help!

  4. You are an amazing and strong person. I get so much strength from you. The good thing is that Carpet is replaceable. I am in washington and have something for you when we get back tomorrow. I hope you have a happy birthday today. You need to NEVER stop writing. So many people draw strength from you. I love how real you are.