Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stinky feet

I think I'm going to trade my road bike in 
for a beach bike, so I can daisy on down
the neighborhood, looking careless and calm.

I am also thinking of trading in all of the
macaroni and freezer food, for my home cooking.
I want to rediscover the joy of food, because
I want to see the smile on Garrett's face
when he takes a great big bite of my spinikopata.

Also thinking about bangs. I really should
cut my hair short for easy management, but
I have a strange co-dependancy relationship
with my hair, and not sure if I am mentally 
stable enough to let it go:)

I'm going to plant nothing but pumpkins this 
year, because every fall, they are the kindest
to me, not like my basil...my basil always dies.

I'm going to trade in my heavy black boots
for some light, silly sandals.
Because Heavy is so yesterday:)
I'm going to give Garrett a great big
kiss, every time he walks in the back door.
Just because.

Every single day matters to me now.
So much to do, so many people to love,
So much to learn...

It is funny how quickly the things you
once thought were important suddenly loose
their luster.

And how quickly the beautiful oddities of 
the day...(like putting on Henry's stinky 
shoes)suddenly become the most important
things in the world.

Because I believe, that those stinky little
feet are going to be filling up some very
big shoes one day...
VERY big shoes:) 


  1. Dear Holly, thanks for your inspiring words. I am so glad you were able to go to the Ranch for some soul R&R. I'm also so proud of you for being brave enough to share with the world your bravery! I feel that many others will be helped through what you share in your blog about your life, your family, your challenges, and your heart and soul. The other day my cousin, Liz, told me she had clicked on your blog from mine and loved it and your writing style. And, just so you know, my opinions that don't matter are: to keep your hair long, sell me some pumpkins every fall (ours grow to the size of golf balls by Halloween), and that you need to share with us your recipe for spinikopata! What is that?? Sounds intriguing :). I love you tons. Keep on swimming.......

  2. OH i used to love your spanikopita (ok i don't know how to spell that one!) (can't eat it anymore) and do not cut your hair! that is holly hair! maybe like 3 inches?
    as soon as i know a for sure date i am coming i will let you know. around june 20th. and i will cook for you!