Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't smoke in your healing Garden

I have been so blessed this weekend.
The thyroid medication is finally kicking
in at full throttle.
And I am on a new medication that
supresses my immune system,
sounds wrong.
But has Totally changed my life.
I feel so normal.
I worked my fanny off saturday,
planting my garden,
with the help of dad and his
 super cool Tiller.
My flower pots are exploding with
flowers, and I even detailed my car
all by myself.
Considering the fact that tying my shoes
has been my biggest accomplishment in
I am deeply grateful, and feel
more hope than I have felt in a long while.
Garrett was on call this weekend
so me and the kids met him at the cafeteria
for lunch.  We sat in the "healing garden".
I had to giggle at the sign:
No smoking in the healing garden~
I wonder if I have ever smoked in 
my healing garden. 
This is my healing garden.

Last night we hung out on the back porch.
Garrett read to us, then we talked for hours,
on the atonement and forgiveness.
It was one of those evenings when everything
aligns just right.
It was a feel good night.
And I am thankful.
For the healing garden Of God's
tender mercies.


  1. I'm so glad your weekend was a healing one and that you had the energy to accomplish what you wanted to! You're inspiring me to get planting our garden! If only I was 100% sure the snow was finished flying this year! I hope you get to spend many hundreds of hours in your healing garden this summer! Love you

  2. holly i am SO happy for you, so glad something is working and making you feel whole again! why did this take so long?!! can't wait to come and see your beautiful flowers!

  3. yay! i'm so glad you felt productive. i love dr. garrett's scrubs! what a guy!


  4. Thank you for sharing this. Now I can start my Monday morning with a smile and such thankfulness. I love you my friend and cant wait to see you in a few months.

    PS:I love the title of this post. I know I've smoked in my healing garden a few times ;)

  5. I'm so glad I found your blog again and can read whats going on with you. I'm thrilled you had a great weekend and you have more energy. You are a very gifted writer. I love reading your words. I will call you soon for your birthday lunch. Cheryl