Monday, May 31, 2010


I could not get on the plane, couldn't even zip up my bags.
I posted that already....that feeling that made me sick the
night before Garrett & I were to leave for Molokai.

I was not supposed to go.  That much I couldn't deny.
But why?
No clue.When the spirit speaks you don't always
know what could have been...
had you not followed your head or your heart...for me it
is my stomach.
It is where I feel everything...weird.

I am now laying on a hospital bed next to my beautiful

He has been suffering with vertigo, severe headaches and
nausea for weeks now.   Garrett and I have been searching
for a reason...?  Inner ear infection?

The day after Garrett left, River started having severe
bloody noses.  I called Garrett and headed straight
to the hospital.

The MRI exposed the mystery.....Mastoiditis.
Google it, to tired to explain.  Just know that
if untreated, the results would be fatal.
(It"s kind of like an abcess of infection in the
skull bone..)
He is going to be okay..,
He has to be in the hospital for 48 hours and loaded
up with Antibiotics (the big guns)...and we are praying
that it has or will not spread further.  Please pray that
his vertigo will be cured as well as the infection cleared.

But this is the beautiful part.
I have laid by his side for two days.
We have had long talks...real talks, heart talks,
I have read to him, and massaged his head and feet
with lavender...and he is soaking up the love and attention.

Just me and River, getting to know each other
all over again.
Thanks to all of my family for taking the kids.
gotta go...The Lord of the rings is waiting for us.
(we get to watch all three:)


  1. Wow! Glad you were able to listen to the spirit, and KNOW that should NOT get on that airplane!

    Get well soon River! :)

  2. HOLLY! that is so scary i will pray for river and i hope that this does clear up his vertigo! you know sometimes it takes a scare to really open up your heart and to really love deeply, glad you and river are bonding! please let me know if there is anything we can do and tell river his hawaii aunties will be praying for him!

  3. Poor River! I'm so glad he's getting good attention (the medical kind AND the motherly kind!). Take care!

  4. he will be in our prayers. what a great mama...he is blessed.

  5. Wow Holly, you are so in tune with the spirit and it is such a great thing that you are able to spend time with River and be by his side. He will definitely be in our prayers and we hope everything goes well!!

  6. Good job for listening MOMMA! River vertigo is no fun at all. I hope you feel better soon..