Thursday, May 27, 2010

not leaving on a jet train

last night bags were packed, lists were written, snacks were packaged and ready for the many kind people that graciously offered to take care of our kids.  But my gut was sick, head spinning...confusion set in like vertigo.
I was not supposed to go....that is what I keep feeling....over and over.
who knows why?  We never do.
so here I am in my messy house visiualizing Garrett surfing in the sun and posssibly accepting a job, that would change our life as we know it....all alone.

And to you my dear sweet love...go with your heart...I will follow you anywhere, as long as we have each other.  You are my joy, the smile on my face...the beat in my heart....oh where would I be without you.
I love you Garrett.


  1. Holl! I'm glad you went with your heart! It will be interesting to see the final outcome of it all, but I'm sorry you had to go through all that turmoil! Do you have Memorial Day weekend plans???? You should come down and stay here with all of us! We are just going to take some fun day trips with Grandpa! Seriously, we have lots of room. It would be a blast! Shell is at the Ranch! Love you!! Call me!

  2. i hope that everything is o.k. i hope that garrett feels a confirmation of what you guys should do. take care!

  3. You always handle life with such faith, Holly! Good luck with your big decision.

  4. Go Where? I have a feeling it's farther than the lot on Ut Lake..