Monday, May 10, 2010

weekend wonders

Sweetest thing:
Henry "tanking" me for changing 
his diaper.
Saddest thing:
My flowers died.
River has Vertigo. (yuck)
Happiest thing:
Family. Family and Family.
Blue...est thing:
The sky over the lake, on the yummy 
picnic, we had for my birthday.
Flab-iest Thing:
My relief society arms. sigh.
Funniest Thing:
Henry's new fettish: wearing
River's underwear over his clothes.
Getting dressed by his self, and 
firmly resisting help of any kind:)
"got it mum...worry I got it."
Luckiest Thing:
Seeing a mother duck training her wee ones.
I wonder if she gets a break on mums day.
She sure deserves one.
Yummiest Thing:
Chocolate cake from Magleby's.
My Breakfast the kids made me.
mango season!!!

Favorite combo: Mangos, strawberries, and spinach. 
ew la la.
Stillest Thing:
My heart.


  1. poor river, i have had bad bouts with vertigo and now just have little ones, it is not fun!
    so happy you are having happy peaceful moments! chocolate cake and mangoes, the best!!